Unwavering Journey

For the Unwavering Journey exhibition at the International Center of Photography, on-situ offers a digital creation that breaks with the usual documentary requests. The collection is no longer viewed through the prism of authors, but rather through its medium. It leaves room for non-exposed or unedited images, forgotten by all.

In the continuity of a reflection on the collection as an exhibition object, on-situ has designed and implemented a spectacular system for the restitution of the ICP's digitized collection. Based on the digital installation POEME presented at Paris Photo 2016, Unwavering Journey is an object for consultation and performance. The multimedia scenography combines a tactile table with a video-projected triptych that invites a double posture: semi-individual consultation and the production of a moving display of photographs.

3160 photographs are proposed representing a portion of the digitized collections and addressing the phenomenon of social change. The notion of query and strict research gives way to occurrences and snapshots. As the only element serving as a starting point for exploration, a thematic and chronological crossover is present only to better emancipate oneself from it later on.

Unwavering Journey
USA, New York, International Center of Photography

Mission : Original idea, design and digital production

Partnership: Alan Govenar (Documentary Arts)