Abbey of Maillezais

Abbey of Maillezais is a major heritage site, remains of which have been classified as Historic Monuments since 1924.

Installed in the vestibule, from a strategic observation point, an augmented reality screen show to the visitors a 3D virtual reconstruction of the abbey church at the end of the 11th century. This reconstruction is possible thanks to the original ray-on system, imagined, designed and created by on-situ.

Maillezais Abbey
France, Maillezais
Department of Vendée

Missions : Photogrammetry and 3D modelling, textures, animation & real-time rendering. Creation of the augmented reality device.

Direction: Julien Roger- Jean-Michel Sanchez - Guillaume Nachtman - Alexandre Chambriat - Thomas Sirot
Scientific Research & 3D SketchUp: Marie Thérèse Camus, Richard Levesque, Jean-François Irastorza

Project leader : Jean-François Bessonnet