Musée Archéologique de la Bataille

At the heart of a new museum space dedicated to Gergovia and its territory, the Musée Archéologique de la Bataille de Gergovie offers a lively and interactive tour.
The permanent exhibition, for which on-situ has created three audiovisual and multimedia devices, deals with several aspects of the history and landscape of this major place in the Auvergne.

A major moment of the Gallic War, the Battle of Gergovia saw Julius Caesar's legions face off against the troops of Vercingetorix. A grandiose and epic battle that comes to life through an immersive audiovisual show. While the monumental model of the Gergovie plateau shows the battlefield, illustrates the tactics and military manoeuvres, the frontal projection details the confrontation of tens of thousands of men. A precisious mapping, using digital crowd simulation tools.

The tactile table of the territory offers 3 levels of framing: Europe, the Arverne world and the enlarged territory around the Gergovie plateau. Each level is associated with different types of maps, each delivering several types of information. Intuitive, the table allows the visitor to navigate freely through the map as if he were flying over it in an airplane. He moves through the landscape, zooms in, and discovers points of interest. The 3D relief of the terrain accentuates the effect of immersion in the scene.

Like the classic cartels, animated digital cartels are simple elements that accompany the reading of the exhibits. Ergonomic, playful and documentary, the cartels deliver information that can be understood at a glance. The interface gives keys to understanding navigation and the graphic composition invites the visitor to interact.

Archaeological Museum of the Battle of Gergovia
France, Gergovie

Mission : Multimedia design and production

Directed by Julien Roger and Jean-Michel Sanchez
Animations and computer graphics: Maxime Blin,
Thomas Sirot
Modeling: Guillaume Nachtman
Software development: Sébastien Bellenous, Hugo Martin

Sound design: Bruno Bernard
Model construction: Vinciane Clemens

Scientific Advisors: Marion Chastaing,
Yann Deberge, Arnaud Pocris
Scenography: Richard Beaudemont
Curator: Sophie Costamagna